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We at Heron MedSpa believe in beauty from the inside out. We look forward to meeting all of your specific needs.

Roy Heron, MD, CEO & President


Upon completing his residency in Emergency Medicine at Howard University and studying nutrition, Dr. Heron created a moderate carbohydrate diet plan in 1981, 24 years ahead of the current trends in weight loss. His innovative approach to healthy eating was finally validated in 2001 when the US Department of Agriculture informed Dr. Heron that he was the “Father of The Moderate Carbohydrate Diet.” Four years later in May of 2005, the Department of Agriculture changed the food pyramid from Dr. Atkin’s low carbohydrate plan to a Moderate Carbohydrate similar to that of Dr. Heron’s. Since 1981, Dr. Heron has counselled, guided and motivated patients of all ages to successful and healthy weight loss. Dr. Heron’s weight loss program is based on a real food and holistic approach to weight loss. Through a maintenance program, he teaches patients how to enjoy the foods they love while maintaining long-lasting weight loss results. Throughout his career, Dr. Heron has helped over 75,000 people lose their undesired weight and keep it off at Doctor’s Weight Loss Centers. Despite his accomplishments, Dr. Heron feels there is no greater personal reward than seeing his patients’ joy as they reach their weight loss goals and achieve the figure that they have always desired

In 2005, Dr. Heron trained and became one of the first Bariatric Specialists in the country to master the laser procedure for the removal of cellulite utilizing a non-invasive laser. In 2008, he expanded his services in aesthetics and became the first physician certified in the City of Alexandria to perform Smart-Lipo laser-assisted liposuction.


In 2010, Bill Clinton asked Dr. Heron to look into developing the first Childhood obesity program in the country. Dr. Heron accepted this challenge and he will launch this program for children 5 to 10 years of age in the Spring of 2016. This will be the first comprehensive weight loss program for children in the country.

In 2012, he became a pioneer in laser lipolysis developing a procedure called “Lunch Time Lipo.” The following year, 2013, he became the first physician in the country to become known as the “No Downtime Doctor” as he continued to become a well-known expert with Smart-Lipo laser technology. In 2014, Cynosure, the largest laser company in the world and developer of the Smart-Lipo machine approached Dr. Heron and offered him a contract to partner with them and train doctors on his new most advanced body-sculpting techniques. Dr. Heron accepted this contract and now trains and advises doctors for Cynosure on the Smart-Lipo procedure and technique at his medical spa. Finally,

Dr. Heron purchased the latest and comprehensive laser platform in 2014, Palomars “ICON” and he became certified in the treatment of reducing or eliminating Stretch Marks and Scars and providing Photo-facials. Dr. Heron is a certified member of the Society of Aesthetics in Medicine in laser liposuction and has preformed over 2,500 Smart-Lipo procedures. .

Dr. Heron continues to expand his aesthetics business at ‘Heron Med Spa’ and now he and his associates are the most comprehensive medical spa in the Greater Washington DC area. Earlier this year (2015), Dr. Heron’s medical spa received a trophy for being the fastest growing aesthetics practice in the Eastern USA performing injectable facial rejuvenation (facial non-surgical facelifts).

Dr. Linda Myers, Board Certified Physician

Dr. Linda Myers, board certified physician, in practice for over 20 years, takes a fresh approach to the study of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. A native of Long Island, NY she practiced in the proximity of New York City – the indisputable source of beauty standards – and is pleased to bring these services to our DMV clients.As a practicing anesthesiologist, Dr. Myers has taught medicine, published research, and has cared for over 30,000 patients. Bridging the gap between science and art is her ultimate goal. Dr. Myers believes in the classical teachings of science and math and how they have now merged to bring function and beauty to our everyday lives.Dr. Myers is thrilled to join Dr. Roy Heron and his expanding aesthetics practice. Providing therapies to restore, maintain, or simply prevent premature aging in all skin types is our focus. Dr. Myers’ goal is to be our guardian angel of ‘your best face’ forward. Dr. Myers is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.

Here’s a list of her specialty treatments:

  • The Sculptra Butt Lift
  • Facial Threads
  • Botox/Dysport
  • Fillers
  • Kybella
  • Latisse
  • The Lip Limo

Barbara Heron, Vice President

barbaraBarbara Heron became Vice President of Operations at Heron MedSpa, Inc. in 2008. She is responsible for efficient operations for HERON MEDSPA and its subsidiary companies, as well as holding the position of Patient Care Director, Laser Technician and Weight Loss Consultant.

Mrs. Heron is a decorated Veteran of the U.S Army after serving 20 years for her country. Her additional assignments included Weight Control Program Manager. Her assignments include: Fort Eustis, Virginia, Fort Davis, Panama and Fort Wainwright, Alaska and a deployment to Saudi Arabia during Operation Dessert Storm. Mrs. Heron serves as direct liaison with military patients and family members.  Mrs. Heron holds a M.S. in Human Resource Management and a B.S. in Management and Economics. Mrs. Heron is the Vice President of the Alexandria Gateway Association and Secretary for A. Roy Heron Global Foundation for Community Wellness.