Sodium in American’s Diet


Sodium in American’s Diet

Americans are plagued with unhealthy lifestyles. Bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and jobs that require long hours behind a desk are all disastrous for healthy living. As if these things weren’t enough, there are hidden pitfalls like sodium and chemicals that fill the foods we eat.

Adequate Amounts

Sodium in small amounts is beneficial for health. The problem comes when people consume excessive quantities of salt in their daily diets. For most people, 2300 mg (1 teaspoon) of salt daily is an adequate supply. The American Heart Association warns that people with high blood pressure shouldn’t consume more than 1500 mg (3/4 of a teaspoon) of salt daily.

Why is sodium bad in large amounts? Sodium is a water binder. It literally binds water and holds it in the blood. The more salt people eat – the more water is bound and trapped in the blood. To much salt can cause bloating and swelling in the fingers and ankles, feet and toes. To much salt can contribute to health issues like high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes. Consequently, if a person is trying to lose weight, salt can hold water causing water weight. As with anything, moderation is key.

Hidden Hazards

While it may seem easy to cut your salt intake simply by taking the salt shaker off of the table, it’s not that easy at all. Sodium can hide in so many places. Sodas- especially diet sodas, are filled with sodium. Processed foods like cheeses and deli meats also contain loads of salt and chemicals. Breads – how Americans love breads! – but yeast breads contain so much salt. Pizza, hot dogs, chips and savory snacks – all of the foods we love contain excessive amounts of salt and sodium.

Heron Med Spa’s Weight Loss Program

There are ways to shake the salt habit without sacrificing the flavors you love. At Heron Med Spa our staff can help you learn to eat healthy, flavorful foods without putting all of the chemicals and additives like salt into your body. We will teach you what words to look for on the menu that signal danger – words like ‘brined, barbecued or au jus’. These words should be read as ‘salt’ and ‘water retention’ and ‘bloating’ on the menu.

Our staff will teach you eating habits that can lead to a lifetime of weight-control and good health. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite snacks. You only have to learn how to eat good food in proper portions. The 5 stages of our WOW Diet will help you to detox from junk foods, lose weight and learn lifetime strategies to keep the weight off.

Be Aware Instead of Surprised

People who are aware of what they are eating are likely to make better choices than those that just nosh unconsciously. If you realize that you ate a handful of pretzels with lunch, you will also realize that you need to avoid anything salty at supper. If you know that the diet sodas contain at least 35 mg of sodium you can make a healthy change to water with your meals. Little changes add up to big weight loss over time.

Implement the Changes

Learning how to read labels, finding the warning words on menus, and looking for hidden sodium in your diet can help you to avoid too much salt and sodium in your diet. This, along with the other tips and lifestyle changes you will learn from Heron Med Spa, will help you to maintain a healthy weight for a lifetime.