Weight Loss


The Heron Difference

The main goal at Heron MedSpa is to encourage you to develop new and better eating habits. While other diets cause a yo-yo effect and encourage deprivation through poor nutrition and chemically processed supplements, Heron’s Weight Loss promotes healthy, long-term weight management and an overall change in lifestyle. We don’t offer pricey, pre-packaged foods or unrealistic liquid meal replacements, but instead, we guide you to make healthy choices when grocery shopping, preparing food at home and even while eating out. We make weight loss realistic.


What to Expect

Weight loss packages include consecutive weekly visits to weigh in and receive nutritional counseling, education and support. Sessions typically focus on behavior modification, including education in healthy eating habits inside and outside the home, as well as long-term plans to deal with weight problems. You will also receive optional non-prescription appetite suppressants and bi-weekly B12 injections during your visit. Complete the program and receive a tailored meal program just for you, including deserts!


5 Stages

Our unique, 5 stage program will help you detox from processed foods, lose weight and most importantly, maintain life long results. This approach allows you to move at the pace you’re most comfortable with and helps prevent the unwanted weight loss plateau. Each stage is suited to meet your individual dietary preferences and health needs. No two people are exactly alike, so why would you eat a one-size-fits-all diet?


Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B-12 can provide you with more energy, increase and enhance exercise tolerance and stamina. These injections assist weight loss by making exercising more intense and accelerating your metabolism.


Cell Press Plus

Cell-Press Plus is a dietary supplement that acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It contains chromium and cellulose; cellulose is a hydrophilic fiber that absorbs water and increases satiety while chromium is a mineral thought to optimize metabolism. It is our all natural alternative to prescription weight loss medication because it is much safer and has no side effects.


Prescription Appetite Suppressants

Individuals requesting prescription medication must schedule an appointment for a physical; EKG may be required plus four (4) blood panels prior to receiving a prescription. The cost of a complete physical examination is $100. EKG is $100.  Complete blood analysis is $80 (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, CBC, Lipid and Thyroid);  follow-up labs are $40 (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel and Lipid). An additional fee of $20 applies for abnormal Thyroid panel screening. We will accept your recent blood analysis if the draw date meets our requirements. We do not accept insurance; all procedures are based on cash payment at the time of service or order. It is suggested you call us prior to your first appointment.

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