When you get older, some things may start to get slower when it comes to your body. One of those things does not have to be your sexual vitality. Our board-certified doctors are certified providers of the O-Shot for women. This treatment is a proven non-surgical and non-medication solution to restore female sexual wellness and vitality. Healthy sexual wellness goes a long way to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Stop in today and see if this treatment is right for you.

So how does the O-shot work?

Also known as the orgasm shot, our certified providers use your blood to restore sexual wellness. When you visit our facility, you’ll sit down with one of our providers, and we’ll go over your medical history and your goals. If the O-shot is right for you, then we will take some of your blood to make platelets rich plasma or PRP. As you may know, the platelets in your blood are activated when you are injured, and help promotes healing and growth. We take your blood and concentrate those platelets into a single shot. Once we’ve made the PRP, we’ll inject it into your tissue to restore your sexual vitality. The concentrated platelets will promote growth in the area and help improve your sexual wellness.