VelaSmooth is the first non-surgical FDA cleared medical solution for cellulite! It is the only complete non-surgical alternative to Liposuction. Common treatment areas are the posterior thighs, buttocks, outer thighs & hips, anterior thighs, inner thighs, saddlebags, love handles, and the abdomen. This method is also used for treating back pain by applying heat, which might be described as an intense deep-tissue heated massage. This painless treatment reduces fat cells that cause a loss in inches within weeks. Individual results and the number of treatments required vary with the extent or stages of the cellulite and the requested areas. It might be recommended that a candidate receive the Smart-Lipo procedure prior to VelaSmooth for perfected results, following a series of treatments depending on the candidate’s needs. A practitioner will discuss cost details with you as treatment costs vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

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