Velasmooth Springfield VA

In the seemingly endless war on cellulite, women now have a new weapon. And unlike the useless creams, scrubbers and massagers of the past, this one actually works. Now you can get this amazing body contouring near Springfield VA.

Velasmooth is a new treatment that destroys cellulite and gives you dramatic results in just a few sessions. Unlike surgery or liposuction, Velasmooth requires no downtime and you can go back to your regular activities the same day. It’s completely noninvasive and most patients report no pain from it. Some compare it to getting a deep tissue massage.

Velasmooth works by going deep into the fat tissue where stubborn cellulite cells hide. With a combination of gentle suction, lasers and applied heat, the cells shrink down and eventually disappear. The result is skin that is noticeably smoother after the first treatment and continues to grow firmer after each session.

Getting Velasmooth near Springfield VA

If you’re looking for body contouring by Springfield VA, look no further than Heron Med Spa! See Dr. Heron who is an expert and has experience with Velasmooth near Springfield VA. The procedure is noninvasive and has almost no side effects, but only if it’s done by trained professionals.

You’ll begin with an appraisal of your condition. Dr. Heron will then put together a plan, usually beginning with two 45-minute treatments a week. Also be sure to ask about any home-care procedures. You should always feel confident that Dr. Heron of Heron Med Spa located near Springfield VA is giving you all the information about Velasmooth you need to make the right decision.

Anyone who’s looking for body contouring by Springfield VA should look into Velasmooth. Call today and get started on a cellulite-free future. Your beautiful new body is just a phone call away.