Weight Loss Center in Alexandria VA

Doctor Heron has formulated a weight loss program that works wonders for his patients. This weight loss program in Alexandria VA prides itself in being a healthy approach to the modern diet. As opposed to most dieting programs, Dr. Heron’s program does not force you to eliminate major parts of your current diet. Instead, Dr. Heron teaches you how to eat healthier whether it be at home or on the go. This unique program assists you in detoxing from processed foods, and steer clear from the unwanted weight loss plateau. This program has five stages to success, each mapped out in the weight loss guide.

Heron Med Spa provides its patients the wellness center in Alexandria VA in order to better eating habits as well as enhance healthy and long-term weight management. This wellness clinic also offers its patients ways to conquer obstacles with their weight and how to prevent difficulties with it in the future.

What to Expect

Each weight loss package contains a scheduled amount of visits. Each visit consists a weigh-in, nutritional counselling, education and support. The most important aspect of our weight loss program is to focus on behavior modification. Each client becomes more aware of what they pick up in the grocery store or what they pick from a menu. This program prevents the yo-yo dieting issue through education and behavior modification. With the Heron method, clients learn healthy eating habits and long term plans for weight loss. Additional options within the program include non-prescription appetite suppressants and bi-weekly B12 Injections. Each client receives a special meal program tailored to their preferences.

Vitamin B12 Injections

B12 injections in Alexandria VA are used to increase our energy throughout the day. With B12 injections, your stamina should increase. Each injection allows you to perform better while exercising leading to a more intense workout and faster metabolism.

Cell Press Plus

Cell Press Plus is a natural dietary supplement that suppresses your appetite. This supplement is a natural source that optimizes your metabolism. Cell Press Plus has no side effects and is a natural alternative to a prescribed suppressant. Prescription suppressants are available but will require a physical examination, EKG, and blood tests.