Weight Loss Annandale VA

At Heron Med Spa, we formulate a weight loss program that is catered and customized to your specific needs. When you register with our weight loss clinic near Annandale VA, we teach you how to eat healthier and how to detox from eating processed foods.

What to Expect from the Weight Loss Program

When you receive a weight loss package near Annandale VA, it will contain a scheduled amount of visits. The visits involve weigh-in nutritional counseling, education, and support. The weight loss program near Annandale VA also helps clients become more selective with the foods they eat as well as prevention in yo-yo dieting. Dr. Heron instills healthy eating habits and behavior with his clients as well as including non-prescription appetite suppressants and bi-weekly b12 injections.

Vitamin B12 Injections

Clients who receive Vitamin B12 injections near Annandale VA receive an increase in energy and stamina throughout the day. The injections also allow for further exercise as well as a faster metabolism.


For further information regarding weight loss near Annandale VA, call Heron Med Spa at 703-549-2626.