Get Ready For The Holiday Season With SculpSure

Get Ready For The Holiday Season With SculpSure

It’s that time of year again; sweet treats and delicious feasts are fast approaching with every intention of emphasizing your most dreaded spots. SculpSure might just be the answer you’re looking for to get ready for all of the events that make the holiday season special. Why SculpSure?



You don’t want to spend the next month or two recovering from a surgical procedure. SculpSure is non-invasive and let’s you get back to the things that matter immediately after a treatment session. You’ll be baking cookies and greeting your visiting relatives on the same day you get the procedure.


Treatable areas include:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Inner thighs
  • Arms
  • Underbra ┬á

No Pain

If you’ve been putting off getting a procedure because you’re afraid of the pain, then this is the treatment for you. Most patients that use this method report a slight tingle; others find that the sensation alternates between cool and warm sensations. When it comes to these chill filled fall days, that touch of heat actually feels pretty good.


Tighter Skin

Other options, such as traditional weight loss methods, leave you with hanging or loose skin. If you want to show off in your favorite holiday dresses or suits, those same patches of skin can make you want to hide from the world. Thanks to heat and lasers, the SculpSure process may actually help any loose skin. That means you might just be able to pull off that look you’ve had your eye on for the holiday season.


Farewell Fat Cells

With so much to do over the holiday season, you don’t want another visit from those unwanted fat cells. Thanks to this special treatment, those fat cells are gone for good; no more worrying about whether those terrible spots come back to life when you’re in the middle of the season’s most important events.


Free From Hospitals

No one wants to spend time in a hospital, especially when the holiday season is here. The SculpSure procedure is done far away from the confines of a stuffy hospital room. Instead, the process unfolds in one of our special med spa treatment rooms that emphasize comfort as well as care. Read up on your favorite holiday stories or plan out those popular recipes as a technician goes through the entire session.


No Unnecessary Treatments

You don’t have moments to waste as the busy holiday season unfolds. Everything about this popular choice ensures you get the most out of each treatment. Planning out a course of treatment is important, but just one session with this exciting option has provided proven results in most clients.


The holidays are a fun time that is full of surprises; unwanted fat shouldn’t be one of them. The SculpSure process is a great way to look your best during the season’s events. Call or send Heron Med Spa a message to schedule a consultation.