Holiday Eating Tips

Eating during the Holidays

Holiday Eating Tips

The holiday season means family gatherings, snow on the ground, a Christmas tree sparkling in your living room, and tons and tons of holiday foods! Eating healthy this time of year can be incredibly difficult, and that’s why we put together these tips for holiday eating.

Small Portions

The key to holiday eating is to limit your portions. Usually, people are excited to pile up their plates with all sorts of yummy things, and then they even go back for seconds. To avoid overeating, choose small portions of holiday foods. Instead of having two scoops of those buttery mashed potatoes, have one. And instead of the large piece of cake, have a slim piece. You can still eat all the food you love, as long as you are eating smaller portions. To help keep you on track, make sure that you use a smaller plate, which helps you control your portions.


Let Yourself Indulge Once

We all have that one holiday food or dessert that brings with a wealth of emotion and memory. Instead of avoiding that one food completely, and making yourself feel bad in the process, let yourself indulge just the once. Tell yourself that you get to have just one piece of your favorite pie or just one type of cookie, and cross all the other sweets off your list. You will be able to delight in that one special food, and then call it quits. Because you are sticking to the small portion rule as mentioned above, make sure that you don’t overindulge in your one cheat item.


Make a Plan

Another good way to manage your holiday meals is to develop a plan beforehand. Decide which foods you will say “yes” to and which ones you are going to avoid. That way when you making your holiday plate, you will already know which foods to pile on and which to skip. And because you have a plan, it will be easier to talk yourself out of those extra indulgences.

You can also tell your family, friends, and host ahead of time what your mealtime plan is. They will be able to help you adhere to your diet and give you other options. You could also plan ahead and bring your food.


Get Expert Help

Perhaps the best way you can to manage your diet throughout the holiday season is to get some expert help. Heron Med Spa offers weight management guidance in the form of a weight loss package. In this package, you will get to meet with us weekly to receive guidance, education, and support. We will also help you modify any behaviors that are unhealthy, while also teaching you the best plan to combat those extra holiday pounds. Our support doesn’t stop there, as we also offer B12 shots to help you manage your appetite and weight as well as prescription appetite suppressants and a dietary fiber supplement.  Don’t wait until 2019 to learn how to manage a healthy diet – with our help, we’ll keep you on the right track this holiday season so that you avoid gaining any holiday weight!